Car Insurance

Car insurance is a legal mandatory requirement in most countries including the UK and Ireland. Any car owner is not allowed to drive on the road without insuring the car first. Motor insurance provides cover for damages which are caused in case of an accident. There are potential fines and penalties or even a jail sentence for anyone who is caught driving an uninsured car. Before you purchase  car insurance in Northern Ireland, it is important to know the different types of policies that are available in the market. Different policies have different features which suit different needs of car owners. There are three main types of vehicle insurance in the UK and Ireland namely third party insurance, third party, fire and theft insurance and comprehensive insurance.

The third party insurance is the minimum amount of insurance cover that anyone must have by law for their vehicle. This insurance is recommended for those who have little to spare for insurance or those with low incomes. This insurance type only covers an individual for the damage caused to someone else’s vehicle or property. Such damage includes accidents caused by your passenger. It is important to note that this type of insurance only covers you for damages caused on another car by your passenger. If your vehicle is damaged in the accident, then you will cover the expenses of the repairs yourself.

Third party, fire and theft insurance is another type of car insurance in Northern Ireland and it covers damages caused by a third party an additionally covers damage to or loss of your car by fire or theft. Comprehensive insurance is the third type of insurance. This cover is inclusive of a lot more things than the other two covers. Comprehensive insurance includes third party cover, fire and theft insurance. It also covers any expenses for repairs to your car. This policy provides extra cover such as cover for your own death or injury or that of your partner or family member, cover for personal belongings if they are stolen from your vehicle or damaged, cover for your medical and legal expenses and hiring a replacement car if yours is damaged beyond repair. It should be noted that these extra covers differ with insurance companies.

Another important thing to know is what each type of insurance cover offers. You have to determine what each policy covers and any exclusion. The amount of any excess, discounts and bonuses offered by the insurance company should also be known before making a purchase. People should also shop around and compare car insurance policies of different companies before making a purchase. You need to shop around and compare cheap car insurance Northern Ireland quotes to determine if you can save or get a better level of cover for your money. Every insurance quote will be different depending on your age, gender, experience and occupation among other factors. It is also crucial to watch out for any hidden charges because most car insurance companies nay not make this clear if you do not inquire from them.